The International Federation of Dermatology Clinical Trials Networks
University of Nottingham

How to get involved

We are not a formal group with membership fees, but rather bring together individuals with the common goal of enhancing the outcomes of dermatology clinical trials.

Membership form

In you are interested in joining the federation, please fill in the membership form and let us know how you would like to be involved. We will then add you to our database and keep you informed of IFDCTN activities and developments.



How the IFDCTN will work

  • Initially we will act as a repository of useful information, which we hope colleagues across the globe will find useful in developing their own networks and studies.
  • Eventually, we hope that the IFDCTN will become more formalised and coordinated, with regards to developing and coordinating dermatology clinical trials in different countries. 
  • Such international collaborative work will require systems of topic identification and prioritisation along with the necessary funding, so that such studies are conducted and completed to a high standard.


telephone: (0)115 846 8621
fax: (0)115 846 8618

Email: IFDCTN@nottingham.ac.uk