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Clinical trial design resources

One of the aims of UK DCTN is to improve the standard of design for randomised controlled trials (RCTs), allowing researchers to choose the most effective trial to answer their research questions.

We also want to ensure that trials can be completed as efficiently as possible and to the highest ethical standards.



Useful tools

The Clinical Trials Toolkit was developed in 2004 to document best practice in publicly and charitably funded clinical trials of medicines. Much of the information is organised within three route maps and the advice they contain is relevant to clinical trials and research more generally.

In order to assist in development of trial design and protocol development, here are some examples of well written protocols for independently led trials:

Regulatory approval of clinical trials

This website cannot offer advice on individual trials. The links below may help you to navigate through the trials approval process and the advice the websites contain is relevant to many clinical trials. However, it is essential that you seek appropriate regulatory advice for your own region/country:


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